How to Earn Money Online In Nepal Without Investment

How to Earn Money Online In Nepal Without Investment -Nowadays money has become the most important part of our life, peoples cant do a simple work without money and everyone wants to earn money but they don’t have money and our each and every work will be stopped and all this happens due to money. many peoples are earning money online without going anywhere. In another country like the USA, UK Canada has features of online international payment gateway but in case of Nepal, we only have local payment gateways and even many peoples of don’t know about the gateway. so in this article, I will tell you the best ways to earn money online in Nepal without investment.

Can we easily earn money online in Nepal without investment?

Yes, we can easily earn money Online in Nepal without investment and we have to do our work properly and we should be  patient because it takes time to earn money and if you think we will earn lots of money on 1/2 days then you are wrong you have to work hard and then you will earn money in Nepal without investment.

What are the problems in Nepal to Earn Money Online?

We all know our country is very poor in technology and we have to face many problems while making money online. the main problem is the payment gateway and many peoples of Nepal are facing this problem. we need a good payment gateway which supports international payments but this is not available in our country. PayPal is a great payment gateway but sad to say our banks don’t support PayPal.

Another problem is a postal service our country don’t have a good postal service and we have to wait for more than one months to get letters or other things from our post offices. if we earn money and if the company send us money through cheque then it takes lot more times to arrive and even we cant expect that the cheque will come or not because we all know the poor technology of our country.

How to Solve these Problems?

In This How to Earn Money Online In Nepal Without Investment Article i will also tell you the reason to solve this problem, If your friends or your relatives are in a foreign country where Paypal supports then you can ask them to withdraw money and send to you and you can also you can make a verified Paypal account from their address so you can receive money from Nepal.

If you don’t have any relatives and friends in a foreign country then don’t worry you can find some peoples who can withdraw your money from Nepal but then charge some money from you.

Even you can use Payoneer and you can order master card from Payoneer and you can easily receive Payoneer money to your bank but it will charge you some money as a transaction fee.

Here are some ways to earn money online in Nepal without Investment


earn money online in nepal without investment

The First Point of How to Earn Money Online In Nepal Without Investment is Youtube .Many Peoples are Searching for How to Earn Money Online In Nepal Without Investment so for those people Youtube Is the best platform to earn money in Nepal without investment. many peoples of Nepal and other country are making lots of money from Youtube by making videos.

Youtube is also the second biggest search engine after Google and many peoples are using youtube for solving problems and for entertainment.

Some years ago in Nepal, there is no good internet connection and even peoples do not have a good phone but now most of the peoples have a smartphone and they have good internet connection on their phone.

Many peoples from Nepal are making Amazing videos on youtube and they are earning lots of money and we can also earn lots of money from youtube my making a good content video.

Let me tell you how to make a youtube channel and monetize your youtube channel to earn money :

  1. First of all, make a youtube channel it’s very easy you just have to signup youtube with your google account and you have to add your channel name and your youtube account is ready to upload the video.
  2. You have to make a good youtube logo and youtube banner for your channel so your channel looks more attractive.
  3. make a good quality content video and upload to your channel ( don’t Upload others video you may get copyright strike )
  4. After uploading video properly, you have to get 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscriber in your youtube channel so you can monetize your video.
  5. after you completed your 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscriber you have to apply your channel for monetization.
  6. just follow the steps of youtube to monetize your channel
  7. After some time ads will appear in your youtube video and you will be starting earning from youtube.
  8. After you earn $100 you can withdraw money from Adsense and you can use western union to receive money from Adsense or you can use your bank to withdraw money.


earn money online in nepal without investment from freelancing

The Second Point of How to Earn Money Online In Nepal Without Investment Is FreeLancing .If you have some skills then why don’t you try freelancing? you can earn lots of money by doing freelancing in Nepal, Freelancing means giving service to other people by taking some amounts of money.

We can also say that Freelancing is working on a contract basis directly with clients rather than working for a particular employer (job) for a long-term.

you can do lots of works on freelancing just staying on your home. you just have to find search a simple job that you can do and you can earn money through freelancing.

How to Earn Money Online In Nepal Without Investment Hearing this word sounds like little bit easy but For Freelancing, you need good skill and experience because there are a lot more people who are also doing freelancing and the competition will be higher so only well-skilled peoples can earn a good amount of money from freelancing.

Most Demanded Jobs On Freelancing :

  • Graphics Designing
  • Web Designing
  • Application Development
  • Software Development
  • Video Editing
  • Photo Editing
  • SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)
  • Photography
  • Language Translation

Those are the most popular freelancing service all over the world but the competition is high so you have to make your skill better then you can earn lots of money from freelancing.

There are many freelancing platforms where you can do freelancing, before using freelancing let me tell you that you have to make a good profile where you have to describe you and your skills and your experiences so peoples will believe you to give works in freelancing.

Some of the most popular freelancing sites are :


earn money online in nepal without investment from blogging

The ThirdPoint of How to Earn Money Online In Nepal Without Investment Is Blogging .Blogging is a very easy way to earn money it’s not so easy but blogging it is easy method than others. if you do more hard work in blogging then you may earn One lakh per month but this takes some time because you have to learn many more about blogging.

you can start blogging without money but if you need better result then you may have to invest some money on blogging, everything depend on you and your work.

lots of peoples from Nepal are also earning lots of money from blogging and if you also want then blogging is best for you.

If you want to start your free blog without any investment then you can use Blogspot which is also a part of Google and same like Blogspot there is WordPress which is lot more advance then Blogspot both of this site give you free domain like  or and both of them are completely free to use.

if you want to do something better are if you are serious on blogging then you have to buy a domain name by investing some money and if you use Blogspot then you don’t need hosting service but if you use WordPress then you have to buy both domain and hosting but this small investment will make you a good profit in the future only if you work hard.

if you work hard in blogging then I am sure that you will start to earn money within 6-7 months, it sounds like 6-7 months is very long period but this 6-7 month is worth on it because blogging is not a one night work it takes hard work and patient.

How You Can Make Money From Blogging?

  1. Google Adsense – Google Adsense is great ways to start earning from your blog. you have to add good quality content in your website and then you have to apply for Google Adsense and then if your website is good and if it is not against Google Adsense then your website will be approved and you can start earning from Advertisement of Google Adsense.
  2. Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is the best ways to earn money. if you sell a product of some company then they will give you some money as a commission but you have to sell many products so you can earn more money from affiliate marketing.
  3. Advertisement – if your website becomes popular then many companies want to put their Advertisement to your website and they will pay some money for that and your visitor visit click on the ads if they want and you and the company bot earn some money.
  4. Guest Post – suppose if your website is about health and if someone wants to get a backlink from your website then they can do a guest post and they may also pay you some money so you just have to enable guest post on your website.

Affiliate Marketing

earn money online in nepal without investment from affilate marketting

The Fourth  Point of How to Earn Money Online In Nepal Without Investment Is Affilate Marketting .Affiliate marketing is an effective way to make money online and many peoples are earning lots of money from affiliate marketing so you guys also can earn a big amount of money from affiliate marketing.

Let Me Give You a Simple Example

suppose your relatives or your friends have their own business and they want to increase the sells of the product so you can sell their products and you get some amount of commission from the company for selling their products.this is how you become an affiliate marketer of that company.

How to Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing?

First of all, you have to choose some trending topics so you will get some more audience and more audience means more sales and more sales means you will earn more.

How do we earn from Affiliate Marketing?

  • Cost Per Click

If we add some products ads from an affiliate site and if someone just clicks on that Advertisement then you will get some amount of money.

  • Pay Per Sell

If we add some products ads from an affiliate site and if someone buys that product from your Advertisement then you will earn some amount of money.

  • Pay Per Lead

If your visitor registers the forms of the Advertisement that you have added from affiliate then you will earn some amount of money.

Some of the best affiliate platforms are :

Selling Products 

earn money online in nepal without investment by selling products

At the last of How to Earn Money Online In Nepal Without Investment Article we have Selling Products If you have some small business or if you are planning to open then this method will help you.

if you sell your own product online then I am sure your sales growth will increase rather then offline. you can start your own online shopping or you can add your own product on other online shopping.

in Nepal, you can add your products on  Daraz Online Shopping where you will get orders from customers and you just have to provide that product to Daraz and you will earn lots of money from there but you just have to do hard work as well as smart work.

If You want to start from yourself then you can advertise your products on social media like Facebook, Instagram and many more where you will get lots of customers.

If you want to make your brand big then you have to make believe to your customers so they will believe you and for that, you have to give them better services and facilities so they will trust your products.

even you can promote your products from your website by making advertisements for your products so your website visitors may buy your products from your website. the main problem is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you have to do SEO of your website to rank on the first page of google, yahoo, bing so peoples will come to your website.

Don’t worry about SEO you can learn yourself from google, youtube or you can contact to your friends who are pretty good at SEO or even you can contact to some company who provide SEO service in cheap price.


So I have tell you How to Earn Money Online In Nepal Without Investment Making money online is not so easy you need to do hard work and you have gain some experience at first. one day you will get success but you have to work hard and well as you have to do smart work. all those methods which are mentioned above are the most popular method but there are many more methods to earn money online in Nepal without investment.


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