How To Root Bluestacks 4 2020 Without Any Error

how to root bluestacks 4 2020 – Nowdays Bluestacks has become popular day by day and many peoples are enjoying the amazing features of bluestack but they can’t use all the features of bluestacks without root access so in this post i will tell you the easy method to root bluestacks 4 in 2020 without any types of errors and this method will also work on bluestacks 2 and 3 so in this post i will tell you how to root bluestacks 4 2020.

Do I Need Any Software To Root Bluestacks 4 2020?

Yes, Of course, You need some software and some apps to root bluestack 4 because without any third party software bluestacks will not give permission to root your device because bluestacks is just an emulator and it is not easy like a rooting phone to root bluestacks 4 so i will tell you full methods to root bluestacks so you guys don’t have to search how to root bluestacks 4 2020 again and again.

how to root bluestacks 4 2020
Bluestacks 4

Advantages Of Root

  • You can unlock hidden features of your phone as well as of your bluestacks
  • you can give special permissions to bluestacks 4 2020
  • You can block ads on any apps
  • Change boot loading animation
  • You can do anything you want with your device and with your bluestacks 4 2020.

Disadvantages of Root

  • after rooting you will loss your Android Warranty
  • if the rooting process is wrong then you may have to lose your android phone and you have to lose all your applications like Whatsapp, facebook, etc.

in this how to root bluestacks 4 2020 tutorial i have explained about advantages and disadvantages of root now lets see the requirements to root bluestacks 4

Requirements to Root Bluestacks 4

  1. So in this how to root bluestacks 4 2020 tutorial, first of all, you should have installed bluestacks on your laptop/computer and if you haven’t installed blustacks till now then just go to to the link given below and download bluestacks.

Download Bluestack 4

2. To Root Bluestack You Need Tweaker 5 so download tweaker 5 from the link given below.

Download Tweaker 5

Can We Root Bluestacks 4 2020 On Mac?

Yes why not you can easily root your bluestacks 4 on your mac just follow the given steps below to root your bluestacks 4 2020 in your mac. now lets see how to root bluestack 4 2020

How to Root Bluestacks 4 2020 

  • First of all extract tweaker 5 that you have downloaded
  • after that open Bluestack Tweaker.exe
  • If You Haven’t Opened Bluestacks 4 then open it from the main tab
  • Go to Helpers tab in BS Tweaker, you will see Root for BlueStacks option.
  • Now you have to click on patch and then your bluestacks 4 will be rooted
  • If you do not see Patch option there may be Unlock option. So Full Stop BS from Main, and Unlock then again start the BlueStacks and Patch for root.
  • Now got to BlueStacks and click on Install apk (right bottom in BS 3) to manually install SuperSU. Install Supersuer.apk you extracted. (we are installing SuperSU 2.79 because latest SuperSU from play store is not working)
  • After installing open SuperSU, select Expert user when asked. It will ask to update the SuperSU binary select continue and select the Normal mode. After updating binary su click on ok (reboot will not work since it is not an android mobile).
  • Now your BlueStacks is completely rooted. and how you dont need to search how to root bluestacks because your bluestacks is rooted, Now You can check root status with root checker app available at play store. If you want to update SuperSU now you can do so.

Now Your Bluestacks Has Been Rooted Without any types Of errors so now you can enjoy the rooted bluestacks 4 with special features and you dont need to search So in this how to root bluestacks 4 2020 tutorial, again and again now you gained the root permission to the bluestacks so you can edit any things that you want without any types of problems.

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I give the complete tutorial of how to root buestacks 4 2020 but If you don’t have a good pc and if you are going to play games on bluestacks then I will recommend you to use android os on your pc instead of using bluestack. i know many peoples search how to root bluestacks 4 2020 to root their bluestacks but bluestacks is an emulator and it uses lots of power of your pc so you can install phonex os in your pc which is an android os so even if you have bad pc you can play android games on phonex without any types of problems. so if you want to download phonex os then download it from the link which is given below.

Download Phonex Os

So guys this much for How to root bluestacks 4 2020 tutorial If This article helps you to root your bluestacks then share this to your friends so they can also root bluestacks and they can enjoy the amazing features of bluestacks. and if you guys get any problem then you can comment down below I will replay you as soon as possible.


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